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Enhanced Insurance Policies

As your house goes up in value, shouldn’t your insurance increase with it? With Enhanced Title Insurance, your coverage grows with your investment. The enhanced policy includes important coverage not provided in standard policies:

  1. INFLATION PROTECTION: The enhanced policy will increase coverage by 10% per year for 5 years up to 150% of the original policy amount. Standard policies do not increase their coverage amount as the property increases in value.

  2. FRAUD AND FORGERY PROTECTION: Forged or mishandled titles that were filed incorrectly, leading to a gap in the chain of title.

  3. EASEMENTS: Enhanced policies offer coverage for easement encroachments such as deeded driveways, drainage easements, utility easements, beach and walking paths, etc.

  4. BOUNDARY LINE PROTECTION against removal of a structure erected without a permit, encroachment on or by a neighboring property, and pedestrian or vehicular access

  5. ZONING, SUBDIVISION & BUILDING PERMIT VIOLATIONS: Enhanced coverage policies provide coverage if it turns out the property is not zoned for residential 1-4 family use, is in violation of subdivision regulations, or if there is a defect or lack of a building permit.

  6. EXPANDED INSURED: Enhanced policies transfer to inheriting heirs, related family trusts and their beneficiaries.

  7. FUTURE ENCROACHMENTS: Loss arising from future encroachments caused by structures (other than boundary walls and fences) erected by adjoining owners.

  8. REVERSION OF TITLE: Loss if title reverts because of a prior violation of a restrictive covenant.

  9. LEGAL FEES: Resulting from a forged deed or if an illegitimate lien was placed on the property.

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